Friday, October 28, 2016

ant species

You can  also sprinkle a line of cayenne pepper across the ants’ entry points, and the ants will not walk over it. Just make sure if you have pets they do not lick up the pepper. Ants are among the most conspicuous and the most ecologically important of insects. This concise, easy-to-use, authoritative identification guide introduces the fascinating and diverse ant fauna of the United States and Canada. It features the first illustrated key to North American ant genera, discusses distribution patterns, explores ant ecology and natural history, and includes a list of all currently recognized ant species in this large region.

Monday, October 3, 2016

five million people were caught in bad winter weather last year

You should keep these items in your vehicle or your trunk. Snow scraper get a good pair cheap ones break easily. A collapsible shovel ans a bad of cat litter. A good pair of jumper cables and some flares. Put some candles and hand warmers with water proof matches in a water proof bag. A blanket and small first aid kit with some bottled water. Even a compass could come in handy or a small radio and extra batteries.
Travel with this well stocked kit stowed in your trunk for greater security on the road. The AAA 42 piece emergency road assistance kit includes: 1 AAA car care guide, 1 AAA membership brochure, 1 8-gauge booster cable, 1 flashlight, 2 AA batteries, 1 emergency poncho, 1 safety vest, 1 roll of duct tape, 1 2-in-1 screw driver, 6 assorted sizes of fuses, 1 shop cloth, 4 cable ties, 1 reusable zip lock bag, 19 pieces of first aid, 1 AAA storage bag.