Friday, December 14, 2012

Skunks and skunk odor

Once you have determined that a skunk is digging under some part of your property. You should close off all holes leading to it's den. If the skunk is pregnant she will try and get back into her den. You should not leave any garbage out in the open. Make sure if you have a pet that you do not leave any pet food out. If you have any piles or stacks of lumber ,fire wood, make sure it is stacked neatly and watch for skunks to try and burrow under the stacks. Skunks will spray you if they feel threatened.
 You should clear your yard of wood and rock piles, use screening or elevate sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches you should install wire mesh. If you decide to try and trap a skunk you need to use a Havahart trap which can be baited with fruits,apples,smelly fish, sardines. The best thing to do is call an expert to come and get rid of the skunk for you. You can also put mothballs or ammonia soaked rags in the den opening. You should not use poisons when getting rid of skunks other pets or animals could ingest it.
 If you get skunk odor on your skin try this. Wash your skin with carbolic soap and water, tomato juice or vinegar. You can also try this 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide,1/4 cup baking soda , 1 teaspoon liquid soap laundry or dishwashing soap lemon scented. Try washing with tomato juice or diluted vinegar you should take action quickly. Throw away any clothes that are saturated with skunk spray.

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