Saturday, February 25, 2012

Griddles are also great for cooking while camping

You can make pancakes and eggs and many other means with a griddle. French toast is a camp favorite. Blend eggs with milk adding a bit of sugar dip the bread in this and fry on a greased griddle. Butter and maple syrup can be used as toppings. When using the griddle make sure to not get the fire to high it is better to use them over coals so the flames do not hit the food. you can also buy cooking kits at your local outdoor store they will include all the different camping cookware that you will need. Aluminum kit are the most popular.You should plan your meals well in advance of your camping trip. Perishable foods should be prepare first since they can spoil very fast. Make sure to pack certain foods like eggs carefully. Moisture proof food bags are made of plastic great for foods like sugar,flour,mixes ,salt and pepper. Make a list of the supplies and make sure to figure how much the item will weigh. The lighter the better remember you have to pack and carry and also carry out your trash. You can write out the daily menu which will go along way in staying focused when preparing meals during a busy camping trip. Remember to take along a sharp knife this important for cutting and preparing fish and meats. The wise choise of a camp knife is the smallest and make sure to buy it from a reputable dealer.The knife blade should be 4 to 5 inches in length.
Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife

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