Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Survival Kit Suggestion

In my pack I have waterproof matches, space blankets (2), flint stick, knife, sharpening stone, box of ammo extra clip, pocket stove, cotton balls and wet tender, compass, whistle, Katadyn Microfilter bottle, tube tent (2), First aid items and sanitary items such as small toothbrush and travel size toothpaste. I also have high protein bars, a mess kit and dehydrated food. Enough for three days. A small hatchet and fishing line.Oh and an extra pair of socks in case mine get wet.Just a few suggestions on your survival kit make sure its water proof and light weight. There are many ideas to use the kit can be made for the area you are going into.

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Maurie said...

Hi Maurie here,

Nice blogs on this page, its hard to find 'survival' in the categories while I'm surfing, happy to find this one, I had never thought of adding toothpaste and toothbrush although we have a small pack about 3" x 1" with four throwaway paste and brush combined sitting in the draw although we do have instant hand sanitisers with us all the time. I'll be taking note of a few of your comments.
Our site is aimed at the home, disaster preparedness in the main, something people don't seem to worry about as they think that such a situation won't happen to them.Our site is http://emergencyhouseholdpower.wordpress.com/ and if you want to swap links just lets know fragrances@tpg.com.au

Cheers for Now Maurie