Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Store survival kits

Remote desert locations, including the Chihuahuan Desert of northern Mexico, southern Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, draw adventurers of all kinds, from the highly skilled and well prepared to urban cowboys who couldn't lead themselves (much less a horse!) to water. The goal of this book is to help all of them survive when circumstances beyond their control strand them in the desert environment.In simple, friendly language, enlivened with humor and stories from his own extensive experience, David Alloway offers a practical, comprehensive handbook for both short-term and long-term survival in the Chihuahuan and other North American deserts. The topics he covers are: -- Intelligence: The Ultimate Survival Tool-- The Priorities of Desert Survival-- Survival Kits-- Water-- Fire-- Shelter-- Aiding Rescuers-- Expedient Vehicle Repairs and Uses-- Chihuahuan Desert Plant Resources-- Chihuahuan Desert Animal Resources-- Expedient Tools and Weapons-- Weather Hazards-- Desert Hazards, First Aid, and Sanitation-- Traveling and Wayfinding-- Debriefing-- Wilderness Survival Schools-- Equipment Sources.
Survival Kits Wilderness

Survival Kit Suggestion

In my pack I have waterproof matches, space blankets (2), flint stick, knife, sharpening stone, box of ammo extra clip, pocket stove, cotton balls and wet tender, compass, whistle, Katadyn Microfilter bottle, tube tent (2), First aid items and sanitary items such as small toothbrush and travel size toothpaste. I also have high protein bars, a mess kit and dehydrated food. Enough for three days. A small hatchet and fishing line.Oh and an extra pair of socks in case mine get wet.Just a few suggestions on your survival kit make sure its water proof and light weight. There are many ideas to use the kit can be made for the area you are going into.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Get rid of ants

Even in the wilds ants can be a problem.You can  also sprinkle a line of cayenne pepper across the ants’ entry points, and the ants will not walk over it. Just make sure if you have pets they do not lick up the pepper. Ants are among the most conspicuous and the most ecologically important of insects. This concise, easy-to-use, authoritative identification guide introduces the fascinating and diverse ant fauna of the United States and Canada. It features the first illustrated key to North American ant genera, discusses distribution patterns, explores ant ecology and natural history, and includes a list of all currently recognized ant species in this large region. * New keys to the 73 North American ant genera illustrated with 250 line drawings ensure accurate identification * 180 color images show the head and profile of each genus and important species groups * Includes a glossary of important terms.