Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Survive in the wilderness, backpacking survival kit plan

How to survive in the wilderness, backpacking survival kit plan. If you plan on taking a backpacking trip or camping in the deep woods. Here are a few ideas on having a wilderness survival kit and plan.First have a plan with maps and locations of emergency stations,water sources, and research what kind of wild life inhabitants are in the area. Make duplicate copies of you hiking or camping plans and leave it with relatives or friends. This is most important if you get lost so that the rescue personal have a idea of where to start their search patterns. Survival Books
Your survival kits needs to have water proof matches or some kind of fire stick. A extra compass and maps of the area. You can put in a small knife or razor blades and a small flash light and extra batteries. I have seen survival knives in sporting good stores that have water tablets,fishing line and hooks, small bandages and antibiotic cream all in the handle.