Sunday, October 9, 2011

Skin Care First Aid

 First Aid assembles for readers an outdoor first-aid kit of essential items; soothe bites and stings; deal with hot and cold injuries; wrap sprains, fractures, and dislocated joints; handle backcountry emergencies until professional help arrives. This handy pocket-sized guide is 96 pages and incorporates color photos, charts, and illustrations as needed throughout the interior. Backpacker magazine–branded and fueled by Falcon-Guides, this book provides essential mind gear from the two most respected and reliable publishers of outdoor-related information. Perfect for pack or pocket, it breaks down its subject into the essential topics, providing practical and portable information useful in the field. Full-color photos, charts, and illustrations are organized with text by an expert in a brief and accessible manner, introducing readers to basic and intermediate skills needed to safely and successfully get by in the outdoors.

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