Thursday, September 1, 2011

Affordable Emergency Reserve Food Storage

While many of us prepare for our family’s future needs with things like life insurance, trust funds, and college funds, we often overlook life’s most basic need- food. As we have learned through recent crises, it can take several days for the government and relief organizations to get food and water to those in need. Because of this, government and religious organizations have urged people to prepare themselves by storing extra food and water.Having an emergency supply of food isn’t a new idea; in fact, it was a very common practice not too many years ago. Canning and bottling throughout the summer and fall could be seen in many homes. Even today, societies that rely on crops grown locally know that it is essential to store rice, beans, wheat, and corn whenever there is a good growing season, because a drought may be around the corner.
As more families have moved away from the farms, and into the suburbs, many have developed a dependency on the grocery store for food, and the kitchen sink for clean water. No doubt about it, modern conveniences are a wonderful thing and simplify life, but what happens if the grocery store cannot receive new shipments of food? What will you do if the local water supply is contaminated? What if you lose your job, and unemployment doesn’t allow for paying the mortgage and buying groceries? These are difficult questions that many people put little thought into until they are faced with some type of challenge
Easy & Affordable Emergency Reserve Food Storage

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