Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make a first aid kit

You should have a first aid kit in your home and car. Some of the items it needs to have are sterile gauze pads, band-aids, non-latex gloves different sizes, best to keep all sizes or a couple sets of a larger size. Antibiotic hydrocortisone cream, a breathing barrier for CPR , and a reference card. The card should have emergency numbers burn control, poison control, EMS, family members.

You should build a first aid kit specified for your family needs. The suggestions listed would be best for a smaller kit that you could carry around, if you want a large kit add in a flashlight which extra batteries , a blanket, scissors, thermometer, hot cold pack two different packs, you break and they heat or cool , and elastic wraps. You can put whatever you want in a first-aid kit. Just make sure if you have medications in it you restock it and check it regularly. You need to check the dates to be sure that there are not expired materials in the kit. A first aid kit can be put together for areas that you plan to travel to especially in cold and hot climates.

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