Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training For Rock Climbing

Training For Rock Climbing is a proven plan to help you become a better, stronger, and more technical rock climber. With the help of this book, you can learn how to climb 3-7 grades harder.Instantly learn how to turn on a laser focus so you stay climbing your best. I have found your 'training for climbing program' extremely useful. Thank you very much for your information, I am going to continue to work on all of your recommendations. You've changed my whole climbing training and strategy!”

How choosing the right cross training exercises for rock climbers will improve your strength, speed and endurance.
The #1 most common mistake climbers make that actually holds them back from getting better...
Discover the S.A.I.D. principle and how it dramatically effects your climbing.
Proven ways to overcome the fears and mental obstacles 87% of all climbers experience.
How to become a master of goal setting so that you can climb better than you ever thought possible.
how to avoid getting pumped and what to do if you start getting pumped on a route.
Proven ways to harness positive energy into your climbing... giving you more motivation, confidence, and belief.
How to choose a climbing partner that is going to make you a better climber not drag you down