Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survival Skills Guide

This guide stresses the importance of pre-planning for survival.Three Full Survival scenarios are covered.Wilderness,Open Water,Natural Disasters.Very comprehensive! Fully explains survival strategies,tactics.This one will keep you alive!Many people are unaware that it's possible to preserve fresh meats with the pressure canning process without the need for any refrigeration. Not only is this method safe and reliable, but it also does a better job of preserving the natural juices and flavors than freezing! This guide details specific meat canning recipes and serves as a companion to "The Survivalist's Complete Guide to Canning" CONGRATULATIONS: From Survival Skills Guide
Survival Skills
What would you do if you awoke to your home engulfed in a raging fire?
What would you do if you were the first one on the scene of a bad car accident?
What would you do if your home was directly in the crosshairs of a tornado?
What would you do if you found a child drowning in someones pool?

Life is full of twists and turns, and like you...I often wonder what my future may be like. What events may unfold that I have no control over. Things happen sometimes that can change the way we look at our lives in an instant! When something happens that threatens our very existance we soon realize just how precious life is and how easy it is to have it taken from us in a split second!
I am a Private Pilot and this is an account of a time when I could have killed myself and a good friend of mine in a plane crash because of a FREAK mechanical failure!
We were out just enjoying ourselves, flying around the heavens. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining brightly and we were just soaking up all of the beauty beneath us when it happened...A freak fuel line break. I could smell the gasoline and watch as the fuel gauge started to deplete quickly. We were going to fall out of the sky very soon.In a split second...time was against us, and we found ourselves in a survival situation!

For me...that day happened pretty early in life (the day my world changed) and since then I have devoted part of my life to helping others prepare for the day when it happens for them, BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN! A day like mine may come in your life when, your perception of taking life for granted is over, and a new reality of how short life can be and how it can be snuffed out, in a blink of an eye.. replaces it!
You have probably spent some time trying to find accurate information on the events are going to happen in the near future, that are sure to effect you and your family!

What does ‘purification of the world’ mean?

Will modern science prove predictions made by Nostradomis and others thousands of years ago correct, and does this proof eliminate any doubt that 2012 will be the start of the most catastrophic events and natural disasters that the world has ever witnessed?
What does the Pope know about the truth of the ends of time and is he involved in creating this New World Order, and if will I be able to start separating the truth from his lies on my own.
Where are the safest areas of the world to live when the ends of time begin, to ensure the survival of my family?"YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED"

Shelter diagrams
Trapping devices for attaining food made from what is around you
Food preservation
Plants are more than food...they are first aid too!-with photos
Obtaining weapons and ammunitions
When cells phones fail, try it our way
We Could Not Give You All Of The Secrets Inside
But here is 1 example of the many, many tips and secrets inside USSG:
An ordinary trash bag can collect gallons of fresh water for you! (without it raining) So don't leave it out of your survival kit! You will now become one of the few who know this secret!
Large leafy green trees provide 100's of gallons of water per day through a process known as 'transpiration'.We just do not see it because of 'evaporation'!

How To Collect It: Insert a large (green) leafy tree limb inside of the trash bag
(Be Sure To Leave The Branch Attatched To The Tree, You Would Be Amazed
Then secure the opening of the trash bag tightly to the limb with the leafy branch inside the trash bag. This stops the evaporation process. Now leave it alone throughout the rest of the day and night. (approx.10-14 hrs.) When you remove the trash bag from the limb you will find a tasty treat for your thirst inside!
There are so many nuances to survive a situation, yet all them are so simple to pull off. But if you don't know this might be left floundering about in real time wishing you had prepared for the situation you have just found yourself in!


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