Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to survive in the wilderness

Few activities provide anywhere near as much benefit for people. Hiking and backpacking can improve one's life mentally, physically and spiritually.An ordinary trash bag can collect gallons of fresh water for you! (without it raining) So don't leave it out of your survival kit! You will now become one of the few who know this secret!
Large leafy green trees provide 100's of gallons of water per day through a process known as 'transpiration'.We just do not see it because of 'evaporation'!
How To Collect It: Insert a large (green) leafy tree limb inside of the trash bag.
(Be Sure To Leave The Branch Attatched To The Tree, You Would Be Amazed
Then secure the opening of the trash bag tightly to the limb with the leafy branch inside the trash bag. This stops the evaporation process. Now leave it alone throughout the rest of the day and night. (approx.10-14 hrs.) When you remove the trash bag from the limb you will find a tasty treat for your thirst inside!
There are so many nuances to survive a situation, yet all them are so simple to pull off. But if you don't know this might be left floundering about in real time wishing you had prepared for the situation you have just found yourself in!This guide stresses the importance of pre-planning for survival.Three Full Survival scenarios are covered.Wilderness,Open Water,Natural Disasters.! Fully explains survival strategies,tactics.This one will keep you alive!
planning for survival!

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