Friday, August 27, 2010

Backpacking Trip Information

Backpacking Trip Information For Home And Abroad. Includes EBook And Audio Information For Great Wilderness Adventures In Hiking And Backpacking.Once you get started, you will wonder why you waited so long to explore this beautiful planet, improve your stamina and physical strength, and experience the beauty and solitude of the wilderness!
I spend at least one weekend a month backpacking and all of my vacations take me to back country, wilderness and/or exotic locales. And it doesn’t cost me much at all!
The truth is that you can see the world for a lot less than you ever imagined!
You just need a little help and information to get you started.
Maybe you think you can’t afford the equipment?
Maybe you think you have to be in great shape, and you can never imagine getting to that point?
Perhaps you have watched friends go off on their own adventures and come back with beautiful photographs and enough great stories to fill a book? Down sleeping bags take up less space and are easier to carry if you are backpacking. They are easy to clean and you can put them in the dryer on warm air and fluff them back to just like new.
Synthetic or nylon sleeping bags are cheaper to purchase.Nylon sleeping bags take wear and tear well and will stay warm even when they are wet.They are the most popular sleeping bags for the weekend camper.The one thing I noticed when camping with a nylon bag is that they tend to be noisy when sleeping and you role over to change positions.I prefer a bag that has a cotton outer lining they are quiet especially if your sleeping on a cot.
Make sure to inspect your sleeping bag before you buy it.Check to see if you like a sleeping bag that has a zipper on the right or left side.Check the length of the bag to make sure it is long enough a short sleeping bag will be uncomfortable to sleep in.

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The Armchair Survivalist said...

Good advice, more people need to get out and enjoy the world around them istead of trying to shut it all out.