Friday, June 18, 2010

Buy farm-raised Buffalo meat

Our farm-raised Buffalo are free roaming on large ranches in the United States and Eastern Canada and is one of Fossil Farms most popular sellers. As with all our products, they are raised naturally, using no growth hormones or stimulants and are grass feed in open pastures. The males are culled from the herd between 22-28 months of age and are grain finished for the final 60 days. All of our Buffalo product are dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days producing a tender, flavorful meat. Each carcass is processed under USDA and Canadian inspection, ensuring the highest quality.
Available either fresh or frozen, our Buffalo provide some of the most flavorful, protein-rich red meat available on the market today. Because buffalo is lean meat, it provides many health benefits to today's health conscious consumer.
You can purchase our buffalo meat the same way you would purchase beef, as the cuts and preparation are similar. Our buffalo products provide a great alternative to beef in any venue: summer barbeques, home cooked meals, or the finest dining recipes at a top restaurant.buffalo meat

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