Thursday, May 20, 2010


When you are working out ware your backpack and put some extra weight in it. A couple gallons of water in your backpack is probably enough and you can use the water to hydrate. Make sure to stay hydrated that is most important when you are hiking and backpacking. You need to look for trails that you can hike on instead of the street. Many parks and recreation areas will have hiking trails. The uneven ground is good for strengthen your legs and ankles.

Once you are ready make sure you know the area you are backpacking in. make sure to have a map and compass, a GPS unit is also good to take with you. Take a light hat and gloves in case it gets cold which will only add a couple ounces to your pack weight. Take energy bars and drink plenty of water while backpacking. You should set a schedule to rest and let your muscles recover. You can take a cell phone but keep it turned off to save the batteries. Backpacking for beginners is a great experience you just need to be prepared properly.

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