Monday, May 31, 2010


This Ebook Will Provide You With All You Need To Get Yourself To Australia Including Visas, Hostel Recommendations, Travel Hot Spots, And Much Much More.Transportation tips between major cities and within major cities. A simple webpage was set up, and people like you visited it and left me their most pressing question on Backpacking through Australia including:
- How to get a working holiday visa for Australia?
- How to get a tourist visa for Australia?
- What are the best / cleanest / affordable backpackers to stay?
- What are the easiest ways to find a part-time job?
- Where are the most popular tourist sight-seeing places in Australia
- What are the most economical / best back-packer tours / travel experiences to do?
- What phones work in Australia and how do get setup with existing phone or where to buy affordable used or new mobile?

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