Sunday, March 21, 2010

Survival Scenarios

This Guide Stresses The Importance Of Pre-planning For Survival.Three Full Survival Scenarios Are Covered.Wilderness,Open Water,Natural Disasters.Very Comprehensive!Explains Survival Strategies,tactics.Expect The Unexpected With Tools,food And Water Preps.
Chapter 1- Introduction To Survival Scenarios- What To Expect In Almost Any Situation
Chapter 2- Planning For Survival-Your Key To Staying Alive
Chapter 3- How To Stay Healthy-Precautions And First Aid
Chapter 4- Survival In The Wilderness-What You Should Be Looking And Listening For
Chapter 5- Survival On Open Water-Ensure That You Stay Alive And Get Rescued
Chapter 6- Survival In Urban Areas-Catastrophic Events Can Lead To Anarchy And Hidden Dangers
Chapter 7- Reduce The Risks Around You-Indicators You MUST Look For
It took countless hours of R&D to ensure Ultimate Survival Skills Guide is of the HIGHEST QUALITY!
Importance Of Pre-planning For Survival!

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