Saturday, March 13, 2010

learn how to fight

A lot of martial arts you find in dojos are not designed or updated with real life or death fighting skills. They don't teach real things that could work against a mugger or rapist.
You need to have updated critical information and something you can fall back on when it comes to a martial arts style. You need something that can rip apart anyone Without silly customs or belt ranking systems.
What you want is the stuff on how to permanently damage and kill attackers!
What I Learned Fighting In Prison Can Make You Undestructable Like A One Person Army!
This was 7 years ago, I am a free man and an even deadlier fighter then I ever was before. The best thing about this prison based fighting system is that ANYONE can do it! Within an hour using this complete 27
move prison fighting system can help you destroy anyone in a matter of seconds!•You Don't Have To Be In Good Shape - It doesn't matter if you have a spare tire!
•You Don't Need Previous Martial Arts Training - It's better if you've never trained!
•You Don't Need To Waste Years Of Time To Master! - Master it in an hour!
You don't have to waste alot of time learning this system. In under an hour you can have the skills and knowledge necessary to dominate and destroy a violent attacker that tries mugging you, or attacking your children! Fighting skills Click Here!

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