Saturday, March 13, 2010

Car and truck tents

Make sure the tent has a floor and it does not have any holes in it. you can keep the floor clean by taking along a old piece of carpet to wipe your shoes on out side the tent opening. Take off your shoes once your inside the tent. Make sure to check the windows of the tent. Any holes need to be repaired so flying insect do not get into the tent. If you have a large family you can buy a wall tent. These cabin tents have a wall inside so you can have some privacy. Remember the larger the tent the more it is going to weigh. A good formula for space is that for every 2 people you will need a 3rd space for their belongings. you need to check with the camp ground also to see if they have any restriction on tent size.

If you like to be on the move faster. You can look at the new style of tents that hook up directly to your vehicle. These tent hook up to the back door or tail gait of your pick up and your set to go. These car tents are great if you are planning a long drive across country. Tent camping can be fun and you need to choose the right type of tent to make it more enjoyable.

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