Friday, September 18, 2009

How To Survive And Prevail In Any Disaster

The Survival Library Is The Most Comprehensive Source Of Information Available Anywhere On How To Survive And Prevail In Any Disaster , Natural Or Man-made. Includes 59 Papers (539 Pages) Written By Experts In The Field Of Preparation and Self-reliance.We have researched, obtained, and organized a library of 59 Papers ,over 500 pages, covering more than 30 years of actual disaster experience. These papers were written by experts in the field of preparedness and self-reliance, who have "walked their talk." They cover every situation that could threaten your life or those of your loved ones. From being on ground zero during an earthquake to being assaulted by a mugger or rapist, you'll be in control of your life. The Survival Library will show you how to prepare and what to do if such life-threatening emergencies occur.

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