Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tent Camping And Enjoying The Outdoors

I could just give you advice from personal experience, but anybody who's been camping can do that.
The problem is there are no standards for tent camping to tell right from wrong. There's piles of bad information on the Internet today because of this.
I believe good advice needs come from more than one source. So I pulled together 11 people with over 138 years of combined camping experience. Not only this, every piece of key advice is compared to over 46 other reliable sources. If the advice doesn't match from at least three sources, it's thrown out.
From what I've seen, even experienced campers can give out bad tips.
For instance, I threw out one piece of bad advice dealing with bears. One camping expert suggested playing dead if attacked by a bear. I knew this wasn't entirely true, so I checked my other sources. Camping Guide!

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