Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Keep a backpack ready for tough times

A Bug Out Bag can get you through those rough times. It's even possible to be comfy during some disasters with the right gear. Let me tell you basically what a Bug Out Bag is.
A Bug Out Bag is a backpack or shoulder bag that you have ready to go at a moment's notice. But this isn't any regular bag. It's packed full of emergency gear to get you through those tough times.
In a well-packed Bug Out Bag you'll find stuff like…
Warm Clothing
Basic Tools
When you have some of the comforts of home, that hurricane doesn't seem so bad. The same goes for earthquakes, tornadoes, riots, war, and anything else nature or man throws at you.
When disaster strikes, you won't have time to pack supplies. You'll have to get out – and move fast! There won't be any time to pack a bag. But there will be time to grab one you already have ready to go.
Select a suitable backpack
Pack your Bug Out Bag to meet your particular needs
Make shelter using basic supplies
Pack tools you may need in the wild (or in the city)
Make your Bug Out Bag the ultimate tool to get you through tough times.

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