Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter backpacking tips

“Typical tent stakes won’t work in the snow,” “They’ll pull right up.” However, SMC Sno-Tent Anchors are wider than traditional stakes and have holes that fill with snow so they’ll stay in place.
All sleeping bags aren’t created equal. Not even close. You should know your sleeping bag’s rating before you go winter camping. I would recommends a bag rated to zero degrees, such as the Marmot Never Summer. I also recommends a synthetic bag over a down bag. Synthetic bags are heavier and take more room in your pack, but they provide more insulation than a down pack if they get wet.
Winter backpackers don’t have the luxury of 15 hours of daylight as they do in the summer. A good headlamp is a must. The Black Diamond Spot has four LED lights and runs on three AAA batteries. The headlamp has three levels of brightness and a strobe setting for signaling for help.

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