Friday, October 31, 2008

Panning having a survival kit

Next to planning having a survival kit is probably one of the most important parts to surviving in just about any situation.It is a good idea to put together a couple survival kits. One kit to keep in your pocket at all times and others that can be placed at home, at work, and in your vehicle.
Preparing and carrying a survival kit is an essential part of survival. Even the smallest survival kit, when properly prepared, is invaluable in a survival situation..
Knowing your environment is important when picking the types of items you will need in your survival kit. The amount of gear in your kit will depend on how you will carry the kit. A kit carried in your pocket is going to be a lot smaller than one that is stored in a vehicle. A good pocket survival kit should be about the size of an Altoids mints tin. In fact, my favorite kit is one that I made with an altoids tin.
For the case, you can use anything from a metal Band-Aid box, a first aid case, an altoids tin, an ammunition pouch, or another suitable case. Your case should be:
Waterproof. or Water-repellent (or vacuum sealed in air tight plastic)

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