Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some survival tips

1..always keep batteries able to move for long periods of time in a moments notice.
3..have a solar panel and battery for it
4..coleman fuel,lanterns and tents..
5..forget those big generators..get use to no gasoline
6..don't rely on the government for shit..
7..guns..this is very important as the coons will steal your shit..
8..don't blame the electric company for an act of mother nature..
9..throw your portable tv away after feb because the converter box will weigh as much as a freezer full of bad meat..
10..plan on the long haul as this may just be a test...
11..don't rely on your neighbor as he will be heading for the woods to..
12..don't plan on comming back...look at galveston...gone...
...did i mention guns and ammo...lots of it....
13..just a matter of time..don't freak out by any means..
14..don't worry,,be happy....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your a moron that doesnt know shit about survival