Friday, June 27, 2008

Camping Tips Book

Find out how to go on spontaneous and cheap camping trips -- like for a festival or an overnight excursion in the countryside. Even for this kind of camping, getting the run down on what you need can help keep you safe and comfortable while you're away from home.
Camping Tips, Information And Advice To Help Beginners Get Started And Prepared With Their Camping Trip.
Camping Tips!


Anonymous said...

Iceref has the right idea here. If you're not experienced in camping then it could quickly turn into an experience that's less then enjoyable if you don't know how to pack properly.Knowing what really works well to keep you warm for sleeping, cooking, etc, can help to make your trip generally better. You can get lots beginner camping tips at www.everything-about-camping.cmo/camping_for_beginners.html. I hope you enjoy your camping this summer

Anonymous said...

I apologize, the correct link is Camping for Beginner. Sorry for the typo!

Anonymous said...

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