Friday, April 4, 2008

Outdoor survival skills

Outdoor survival skills can mean the difference between escape/rescue and tragedy. Fortunately, most survival skills are simple and easy to learn.
Here are the top ten things to do in a survival situation, in order:
1. Don’t panic. Breathe. Relax.
2. Give yourself first aid if needed.
3. Inventory your survival items.
4. Assess any imminent weather dangers.
5. Find an open area where you can be seen from the air.
6. Create appropriate shelter.
7. Drink lots of water.
Survival isn’t just about skills, but also attitude and mindset. Desire to survive, determination, persistence, willingness to plan, and learning survival skills ahead of time all increase your chances of survival. The best time to learn survival skills is before you need them.
Once you get into a survival situation, it’s too late to prepare and to learn the skills. Now is the best time to prepare to survive. Get your gear and get into a survival training class!

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