Sunday, March 2, 2008

Start a fire in a cold climate camping tip

Want to start a fire in a cold climate? Look for sap oozing out of pine, spruce and fir trees. This can be broken off in chunks if frozen, or scraped off with a stick. It burns for quite a while, even when wet, making it excellent for fire starting.
Run out of aspirin? Cover the bottom of a cup with shredded willow bark, and make tea with it. Allow it to steep for a few minutes before you drink it. Willow bark contains salicin, closely related to salacylic acid, which is used to make aspirin. You can also try chewing on a few balsam poplar buds, which also may have some salicin in them.
Frozen water bottles can be a problem when backpacking in winter. Unless you are getting cold, try carrying your water bottle inside your clothing somewhere.

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