Sunday, March 9, 2008

Simple fish trap for camping

Air condition your tent. If the day is dry and hot, wet any large piece of cloth in the nearest stream and lay it over the roof of your tent. The evaporation can cool the interior of the tent by as much as ten degrees Put your tent in the shade. Just be sure that if you are using a shirt or other clothing that you'll be needing, to allow enough time before dark for it to dry completely.
In many mountain streams you can see the trout, but it's hard to catch them. Try a simple fish trap. Pound sticks into the stream bottom, and weave plant stems into them to make walls that water can go through, but not fish. Create a small corral, with a narrowing opening you can chase the fish into. Once they are there you can spear them or possibly just flip them onto the stream bank with your hands.
If you carry hand sanitizer when backpacking it can be used as a fire starter too. They are normally at least 70% alcohol, and burn easily.

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