Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sunglasses backpacking trips

Starting a fire without matches or a lighter is tough. Just for kicks, try any of the primitive fire starting methods you have read about sometime. I think it will convince you to bring matches and another starter on every wilderness trip. It is also a good idea to carry dry tinder in your pocket, so you are ready to start a fire even if it rains.
Be careful about using rocks from a wet area for building a fire-ring. You can have rocks explode from heating, and it can be very dangerous. Water trapped inside can't escape fast enough, causing the rock to explode, and throw sharp pieces at you.
Sunglasses are a good idea on most backpacking trips, but especially so if you will be hiking in the winter or at high altitude. High altitude sun is more damaging to your eyes, and snowblindness is a risk if you are hiking in a snowy environment.

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