Saturday, February 9, 2008

poison ivy rash wilderness survival tip

I've seen a poison ivy rash clear up overnight by using the juice from jewelweed. This plant grows in wet areas, and water dripped on the leaves beads up, looking like jewels, hence the name. The stems are translucent, and the plant has dangling yellow or orange flowers.
Planning to have a fire at the end of the day? As you hike, collect some dead pine needles, dried moss, etc. This way you'll be ready to start a fire when you stop for the night, even if it is a bit wet by then.
Does the color of your clothing matter? Light colors attract fewer biting insects. Flashy bright colors have been shown to attract grizzly bears. On the other hand, having something bright and easily visible to rescuers from the air could save your life if you are lost.

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