Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Start A Camp Fire

- A Few More Tips
- Collect twice as much firewood as you think you'll need for the night.
- Blow vigorously on the hot coals to restart the flames of a dying fire (and add fuel).
- Spray kindling with insect repellent or other flammable liquids to make it burn more easily.
- Use a large piece of birch bark to shelter a fire if starting it in the rain.
- Wood on the ground is usually wet. Look for standing dead wood or trees and branches that are leaning against other trees or rocks.
- You can break a long piece of wood by inserting the end between two close trees and pushing on the far end. Be careful not to fall when the wood breaks.
- Don't break wood over your knee or by jumping on it. Lean it up on a rock and step on the middle of the piece.
- Unbreakable pieces can be burnt in half in the fire.
- Use a base of green logs or sticks for a fire on the snow.
- If firewood is scarce, use as small a fire as possible, to extend your fuel supply.
- Collect and carry dry tinder in your pocket, in case it is raining when you need to start a fire.
Key Points
1. The best way to learn how to start a fire is to practice.
2. A fire requires tinder, kindling and fuel.
3. A balance of air, heat and fuel is necessary for a fire to burn well.
4. Fire starting without matches or a lighter is very difficult - bring a lighter and matches.More camping tips.