Monday, February 4, 2008

Hike early

You can use the plastic bladders from boxed wine to carry water, and as a pillow. Normally I use a plastic soda bottles to carry water when backpacking, but when I have needed to carry more water I've used the plastic bladders from boxed wine. They are light and very strong. I also inflate the bag with air to use it as a pillow. It just needs a soft covering of some sort, like a sweater or shirt.
Buy paperback novels at thrift stores and rummage sales for reading on the trail. You can burn the pages in the campfire as you finish them, thus reducing your weight as you go.
Hike early. Start getting ready before it is even totally light. An early start means an early finish - no setting up camp in the dark. It also means hiking when it is cooler. It is a safer and more enjoyable routine.Backpacking tips.

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