Monday, January 21, 2008

tarps and tents camping tips

Old raincoat sleeves can be made into lightweight water-resistant stuff-sacks with a little sewing. Old nylon jacket sleeves will work too, and make lighter stuff sacks, though not water resistant.
Club moss spores were once used as 'flash powder' by magicians. Drop a pinch over a flame and it create an instant and large flash for signaling rescuers. It is also just fun. The flower heads often give off little puffs of the yellow spores as you walk through them. Collected green, they will open and release their spores in a day or two if kept in a warm dry place. I have collected more than a pound this way, for just a few hours work.
Don't fold tarps and tents. Stuff them into their stuff sacks. Folding repeatedly in the same way creates weak spots in the fabric.

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