Monday, January 14, 2008

Backpacking tip antiseptic dusting powder

Raising your body heat. You can get by with less cold weather wear and sleeping gear if you have more body heat. One way to create more is to eat fats before going to sleep. Fats create heat when they are digested Corn chips are oily enough to help if you can't stomach a half cup of olive oil before bedtime.
Clubmoss spores can be used as a antiseptic dusting powder for wounds and skin problems. The spore heads often give off puffs of the yellow spores as you walk through them. Collected green, they will open and release their spores in a day or two if kept in a warm dry place. I have collected more than a pound this way, for just a few hours work.
When using a pack with a hip or waist belt, the weight should be primarily on your hips. Lean forward and you should feel the shoulder straps come off your shoulders. The shoulder straps should be tight enough to stabilize the load, but shouldn't actually carry much weight.More backpacking tips

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