Monday, January 7, 2008

Air condition your tent

If the day is dry and hot, try wetting any large piece of cloth in the nearest stream and laying it over the roof of your tent. The evaporation can cool the interior of the tent by ten degrees. Just be sure that if you are using a shirt or other clothing that you'll be needing, to allow enough time before dark for it to dry completely.
Hiking and thirsty? Try thistle stems. The varieties with thicker stems can be peeled carefully when younger, and eaten like celery. They are common high in the Rockies, and full of moisture. It is often easier to scrape off the spines with your knife or the sharp edge of a rock before you cut the stem. If you are camping in a group with more than one tent, consider bringing a lightweight tarp. Pitched over the space between two tents, it can provide a dry passage back and forth and a place to cook out of the rain.More Backpacking tips.

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