Monday, December 31, 2007

Backpacking Food Tip

Backpacking food tends to be less than ideally healthy. Fresh food weigh too much to carry. Eat a good salad right before you leave, and right after you get back. If you then also eat some berries and herbs along the way, you can concentrate on bringing only light backpacking food, and your health shouldn't suffer.
Do you have joint problems from arthritis? If it gets too bad, catch a bee. Many doctors are now using bees to treat patients with painful joints. Hold a bee or two against your skin at or near the joint, and let it sting you. People swear by the relief provided from this. Of course, if you are allergic to bees, you may die, so ask your doctor about this.
Duct tape is great for a variety of purposes, from covering "hot spots" to prevent blisters, to patching a hole in a tent. Don't carry a roll, though (too heavy). Just wrap some around some other item, like a lip balm container, or below the handles of your trekking poles.More backpacking tips

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