Thursday, November 22, 2007

Backpacking tips wilderness survival

You can make a cheap closed-cell foam sleeping bag pad fold up like one of the more expensive ones. Cut it across, halfway through, every foot or so, alternating sides. It should fold up nicely, accordion-style. I have used mine repeatedly this way without them breaking. Folded up, the pad can also be used to stiffen the back of a frameless pack.
If you run into cold weather unprepared, you can use the seed head fluff from cattail plants to insulate your jacket. Watch for the stalks with their fluffy heads in wet areas. Put a layer of this fluff between your sweater and your jacket, and you'll effectively turn it into a winter coat.
To keep certain items from sliding down to the bottom of your pack , put them in a small nylon pouch and safety pin the pouch to the top inside seam of the pack. Don't let the pin puncture the pack - only do this if there is enough extra material to pin to along the top seam.More backpacking tips.

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