Thursday, October 18, 2007

First aid tip in the wilderness

A wilderness first aid kit is useless unless it includes most of the medical treatments you would possibly need. This includes both sterilization tools and various medications.
Sterilization solutions and tapes are very important parts of any wilderness first aid kit. If anyone were to get cut or step on something sharp, these tools would be necessary to prevent any sort of infection .Some basic things you should have in the first aid kit are: 4-inch rolled gauze, 2-inch rolled gauze, 4-inch elastic wrap, 2-inch elastic wrap, 4×4 sterile gauze pads, 2×2 sterile gauze pads, cotton swabs, adhesive tape, elastic and butterfly bandages, soap, acetic acid 5% hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, sterile eyewash,and a tourniquet.If you do get cut try and keep it clean and keep dirt out of the wound.For lower body sprains keep the are elevated and iced if you have it.

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