Thursday, October 4, 2007

Backpacking tip

A cheap and easy and light seat cushion can be made from a sleeping bag pad. Just take an old basic blue foam pad and cut a square about 12 inches square out of it. This will weigh about one ounce (3/8" pad) and make a nice waterproof seat when you want to sit on a wet rock, log or on the ground. Put against your back inside your pack and it will also pad you from any sharp or clunky items.
Need something to tie things together? The small roots of spruce trees (genus picea) can often be dug by hand near the surface of the ground. They have been historically used for binding all sorts of things, as well as for sewing together birch bark canoes.
Cold wind may chill the front of your body, even while your back is hot and sweaty. If this happens, try putting your jacket on backwards, and leaving it opened. This keeps your back cooler while protecting you in front.

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