Friday, August 10, 2007

Using a pot for melting snow or ice

Do not fill the pot with snow since any water produced will be quickly soaked up by the remaining snow and the pan will burn through before the snow melts.
Heat your cooking pot only gently as you melt very small quantities in the bottom. Be patient. Gradually add more snow, not more than that the snow floats freely in the water.
The same principle also apply when melting ice, always start with a little starter water.
Alternative methods to melt ice and snow
A slower but not so labor demanding method is to improvise a sack from an item of clothing. For example use a t-shirt with sleeves tied. Fill the sack with snow or ice and suspend it to melt over a container placed beside a fire.
A second method is to melt ice slowly on a tilted rock over a fire. Hold the melting ice in place with small stones. As the water runs down the rock, collect it in a container

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