Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making a Compass

To make a compass out of a paper clip and a leaf, start by rubbing the paper clip on a dry article of clothing (wool is best) to magnetize it. Then place the leaf in a still pool of water (a tree stump works nicely).
When you place the paper clip on the leaf, it will slowly turn to face magnetic north.
1 clear plastic cup1 magnetneedle or small nailpincork or piece of foam about 1/4-inch thick an the size of a quarterpencil or penpenwaternotebook (optional) webcam or camcorder
1. Rub one end of the magnet along the needle
2. Make sure you rub in the same direction, about 30 times
3. Test the needle's magnetization by picking up the pin
4. Push the needle through the cork or foam piece
5. Fill the cup with water
6. Place the cork and needle so it is in the center of the cup
7. Wait for the needle to come to a rest
8. The thick end of the needle will point to North