Friday, August 10, 2007

Black Bear

This is a Black Bear on the same rock climb in the Smokey Mountains.The picture is blury because it scared the hell out of my son as he was on a small ledge over 2,000 feet up.
Black bears are generally shy and reclusive animals. They avoid human contact and are not normally agressive towards people. The only exceptions to this are so called "park bears" which are fed and lose their natural fear of humans. Although they are classified as carnivores, black bears are actually omnivorous, eating many types of plant and animal material. Grasses, green leaves, and other plants are eaten by black bears in the spring after they emerge from their winter dens. Summertime provides them with various berries, fruits, and insects. In fall and early winter, acorns and other nuts are especially sought after in order to build up fat reserves for the winter. In our area, black bears don't hibernate but they may be dormant during the coldest part of the winter. Unlike true hibernators, a dormant black bear can become fully alert in minutes if it is disturbed.

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